Black Star Aikido Traditional Aikido Budo Self Defence


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HONBU DOJO            Monday & Friday Evenings:      1930 - 2100 hours at   The Village Hall, Pinfold Lane, Cheslyn Hay. WS6 7HP

MEMO                        Thursday Evenings:                1800  - 2100 hours at   The Memo. Lichfield Road, Brownhills, WS8 6HR

1800 - 1900 hours            Children Lessons aged 5-11

1900 - 2100 hours            Young Warriors & Adults Lessons


Sunday 22nd September 2019    BUDO LIVE 2019. BSA will be attending this course.Please See Sensei to arrange travel

Sunday 14th December 2019     End of Year Gradings at Honbu Dojo. The Evening Planned End of Year Celebrations and Award Ceremony is being held at Local Indian Restaurant. BSA has booked the venue for all our Staff , Students, Family & Friends and AlsoWelcome any previous Students to Join us. Please See Dojo Cho for more details and securing a place. Pre-Bookings Mandatory.


02022020  Sunday 2nd February 2020 at Honbu Dojo BSA. Gradings for all eligible Yudansha / Kyu Grades and Junior Levels. Seminar also in progress for those not grading / testing. This will also be opportunity for those students to take their Theory & Practice of Aikido Examination Paper ( required to be completed / past  before application for Shodan)


BUDO KAMP 2020         Saturday 31st October 2020 at  Black Star Aikido Honbu Dojo. Pre-Booking Required

                                                                  INTERNATIONAL GUEST INSTRUCTORS:

                                                              Hanshi Johan Petterrson 9th Dan Gake Ryu Sweden

                                                             Shihan Johan Grankvist 6th Dan Solna Ju Jitsu Sweden



Please Visit Our Web-Site. We offer those Independant Groups the Opportunity to Associate and Grade With BSA.