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Dojo Cho / Chief Instructor:  Tony Brown Shihan attended Kyoto, Japan. He demonstrated his Aikido to the Honbu Board Masters & Officials. ( April 2023)

He was awarded his 6th Dan, Rokudan Aikido Certification, 六段 合気道 日本in the presence of hundreds of first class martial artists representing 18 countries.

 Kyoto Japan 

RENSHI title awarded to Andrew Leighton at the Gake Ryu Spring Camp, Sweden on Saturday 16th March 2024.

 Athens, Greece Seminar June 2023


Stockholm, Sweden Camp Saturday 7th October 2023. Solna Jujutsu Seminar.

UPCOMING 2024:   STJF Spring Camp at Markaryd, Sweden / 30 Year Jubilee Celebratations for Gake Ryu Jujutsu. 

International Budo Kamp UK  /  Saturday 26th November 2022 


                       10 Year Friendship Award

Sweden Gake Ryu & United Kingdom Black Star Aikido


Aiki Budo Alliance Friendship Seminar Saturday 24th September 2022


  Tony Brown Shihan received an "Outstanding Contributions Award" for his promotion of  Budo.

Shidoin Leighton pictured below as Guest Instructor June 2022 for the Aiki Budo Alliance Organisation.

26th March 2022:   International Martial Arts Spring Camp in Sweden. Well Done Team BSA / BBSA. Congratulations to Senpai Dave on his grading to Brown Plus Black Stripe Belt. Congratulations to Sensei Scott and Sensei Neil on being awarded the right to wear Hakama.

2021:   Black Star Aikido reaches its 30th Year Anniversary:

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INSTRUCTORS RECOGNISED : Tony Brown & Andrew Leighton are listed on the  Register with  "Jin Yuu Gi Aikido - Global"


FIRST AID AT WORK:  Andrew Shidoin & Tony Shihan and Stephen Maymand are Certified First Aiders having completed the  3 Day First Aid at Work Course (FAW). They act as First Aiders for the Organisation.



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DNBK /  Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Kyoto, JAPAN
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2020: Black Star Aikido are proud to be a Childrens University Registered Learning Destination.

GRADING PROCESS: Please see Dojo Cho or Shidoin for Application Form.

 BUDO KAMP UK Saturday 8th June 2024

 Tony Brown Shihan is awarded the  "International Coach" Certification from Gake Ryu, Sweden.